"Train de Vie"

"Train de Vie"


"Train de Vie" (French for: 'way of life', but it means also: 'one's financial standards') is a very personal project which I made back in 2012.

It describes the mental process of trying to cope with mobbing (mental harrassment), going burned-out, followed by being fired for fake reasons.

It was my attempt to close a chapter and to continue my life.

I had all the photos already made over the past 25 years, it was 'just' a matter of putting the right words with the existing photographs...


"Train de Vie" was shown for 1 day at 'Voir & Ecouter' in October 2012 in Rustrel.

The feed back was overwhelming and a start of another story:


Michael Snurawa has made a 25 minutes documentary about this,

called 'STOP MAKING JAM !'

The film has won the FIRST PRIZE in a contest of Southern France and the PRIZE FOR BEST REPORTAGE of France in 2015.

Read more about the film here.

'Train de Vie' - the photos - is shown below:

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